News | Jul 20, 2020

How can a yellow mark help radiologists?

It can be very time-consuming to diagnose rib fractures from chest CT scans due to the special elongated and curved anatomical structure as well as the large number of ribs. For Radiologists, this can result in missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis.

Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital, whose orthopedics department ranks the top 3 in China with nearly 100 chest CT scans of ER trauma patients each day, has found a simple solution: a yellow mark.

An AI application, uAI Discover-Rib, from #UnitedImagingIntelligence can precisely and automatically locate the rib, detect the fracture in seconds, and mark the fracture in a yellow box, with a comprehensive fracture sensitivity of more than 98%. 

“Our diagnostic efficiency has been greatly improved”, said Professor Li Yuehua, head of the Radiology department at the hospital. “The software is very reliable and easy to operate. It can also help junior radiologists improve their diagnosis accuracy.”

To date, uAI Discover-Rib has helped the radiologists diagnose more than 10,000 cases of rib injuries in this hospital.

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