News | Feb 16, 2021

Installation of the first 3T Magnetic Resonance in Europe

Ars Medical as the first in Europe has installed magnetic resonance 3. 0T produced by United Imaging.

The company has modernised one of the two MRI laboratories at its hospital in Piła and equipped it with a fast and excellent quality uMR 780 MRI system. uMR 780 is driven by the unique uCS platform which includes  the uCS imaging technology and the uCS processing engine, providing higher performance in both ultra-fast and high-resolution imaging. The device has advanced application software and is equipped with a full set of coils dedicated to the examination of individual body parts.

This makes it possible to perform a full range of examinations, at the level of world standards of diagnostic imaging. The new laboratory definitely strengthens the offer of Ars Medical. We are glad that we are jointly fulfilling the mission to provide access to advanced technologies and high standards of care for everyone.

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