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uCT ATLAS - Beyond the horizon in Computed Tomography

How United Imaging pushes the boundaries in Computed Tomography you can read in article by Agata Zakrzewska in issue 6/2020 of Inżynier i Fizyk Medyczny. Learn more about the uCT® ATLAS - an ultra-wide bore #ComputedTomography system with an innovative #AI technology. Enjoy reading!

Agata Zakrzewska
Product & Application Manager MI/CT CEE United Imaging Healthcare Poland


United Imaging Healthcare presents the new uCT® ATLAS suite at RSNA 2020

United Imaging Healthcare, a platinum sponsor of the virtual RSNA 2020 conference, presented its latest uCT® ATLAS1 system — a 640 slice computed tomography suite with innovative AI-empowered workflow and an 82 cm bore, which is the largest gantry diameter available in CT scanners of this class.

Fig. 1 uCT® ATLAS, the first 640 slice CT scanner by United Imaging


This remarkable premiere signifies a closure of 2020 in which United Imaging Healthcare successfully completed over 10,500 installations worldwide, including 53 only in Central and Eastern Europe. “The year 2020 made all of us face challenges which surely had not been expected. As a result, we have reordered the priorities in our everyday lives. Also the business had to fulfil unexpected requirements. This makes me even more proud of what we have achieved during this extremely difficult period. A few dozen sold and installed devices, a growing number of satisfied partners, both in the private and the public sector, is something that gives immense satisfaction and is a source of pride. In addition, knowing that we contribute to the fight against the pandemic as a company makes us experience these feelings even more. I truly hope that the coming year will let us get back to the lives we know from before the pandemic, although at the same time I expect new difficulties associated with the patients’ return to specialist care which was less accessible this year. We need to be prepared for such situations as well. The best example of appropriate measures is the advanced cardiac CT scanner described here” — commented Łukasz Mizerka, President of the Board Managing Director CEE, United Imaging Healthcare.


Fig. 2 uCT ATLAS


The latest technology accessible to all

uCT® ATLAS is the most innovative computed tomography system currently available in the UIH portfolio. Its 320-row detector enabling reconstruction of 640 slices opens new door to medical imagining.

uCT® ATLAS allows for diagnostics of hard-to-examine patients thanks to its largest available bore of 82 cm and the unprecedented table weight capacity of 318 kg. The 16 cm coverage Z-detector with the rotation speed of 0.25 s increases the scanner’s clinical flexibility due to the application of features ensuring better workflow when treating patients at the emergency room through the possibility of performing cardiac or stroke imaging with one rotation of the tube and the detector array.

Fig. 3 uAI Vision 3D — a system for planning examinations based on AI


Furthermore, uCT® ATLAS is an exceptionally smart device with an integrated uAI Vision 3D camera and AI to support patient workflow, facilitate examination scheduling and ensure reduction of patient radiation doses.


Main CT parameters

uCT® ATLAS has a 100 kW generator and a 30 MHU heat capacity, which is immensely valuable for centres performing advanced diagnostics, e.g. multi-phase or cardiac. The suite incorporating an x-ray tube with such high heat capacity allows for exceptionally efficient patient workflow in the laboratory without breaks for cooling the anode. The risk that the system will stop operating in order to cool down the tube during the examination, which may pose a danger to a patient for instance after contrast administration, has been minimised.

Another crucial feature of our latest CT suite is the availability of a low-dose radiation for 60 kV scans, which enables significant dose reduction compared to standard protocols using 80 kV or 100 kV tube voltage. Dose limitation is one of the fundamental issues not only in paediatric diagnostics, but also in adults, in line with the ALARA principle.

Fig. 4 The latest uCT ATLAS by UIH with an 82 cm wide bore ensures patient comfort and enables low-dose paediatric imaging

It is also worth emphasising that, like other models of scanners in the UIH portfolio, uCT® ATLAS incorporates a unique Z-Detector which makes it possible to acquire images with low-dose radiation by reducing the transmission distance of electrical signal (shortening the distance from cm to μm reduces the effect of noise) — Through-silicon-via (TSV) technology.

Fig. 5 The unique design of uCT ATLAS


Cardiac excellence

The 16 cm coverage Z-detector with the 0.25 s rotation speed, unachievable so far in the clinical setting, ensures excellent quality of cardiac assessment, delivering a complete heart scan in only 125 seconds. The innovative Cardio Capture technology based on AI algorithms increases the effective temporal resolution of the whole heart to 25 ms, enabling the acquisition of valuable diagnostic images for patients with high heart rate and arrhythmia.

uCT® ATLAS can be used to perform coronary CTA without the need for scan repetition, which protects the patient from exposure to additional radiation and contrast doses. The coronary CTA is supported by UIH solutions at every step of the assessment: planning and patient positioning is assisted by the uAI Vision feature based on artificial intelligence. Image acquisition is facilitated by auto-gating and arrhythmia detection, while the use of CardioXphase and CardioCapture uAI can serve to reconstruct the appropriate cardiac cycle stage and perform motion correction using AI.

Fig. 6 uCT ATLAS


Fig. 7 Heart scan, clear boundaries of coronary arteries, visualisation of distal vessels in a female patient (58 yo) with arrhythmia, HR 50-215 bpm. 640*0.5 mm reconstruction, 0.25 s rotation speed, 100 kV, CTDIvol 5.0 mGy, 1.13 mSv effective dose


Artificial intelligence in diagnostic imaging

The use of AI is associated with benefits in numerous aspects of our lives. From the perspective of the producer of innovative medical solutions, it offers plenty of possibilities and enhancements which eventually result in improved imaging diagnostics. uCT® ATLAS offers AI-supported features which not only facilitate patient workflow in the institution, but also increase the effectiveness of radiological assessment.

uAI Vision is a solution enabling automatic patient positioning and adjusting scanning parameters to their body weight and size. The operator does not have to position the patient on the table or be in the same room, which increases healthcare professionals’ safety during the pandemic we are currently facing.

The use of AI technologies in reconstruction algorithms ensures reliable results even in patients suffering from very serious diseases which could have been a factor resulting in the rejection of a series of examinations (e.g. serious arrhythmia during acquisition). CardioCapture uAI performs effective motion correction, while the CardioXphase feature serves to reconstruct the most appropriate heart cycle stage.

Fig. 8 The use of AI in uCT ATLAS


United Imaging Healthcare Poland — discovering more

Based on profound understanding of patients’ and physicians’ needs, we develop and produce a full portfolio of advanced medical equipment for diagnostic imaging and treatment. The breakthrough technological solutions we create help people improve their quality of life. Our products and solutions are currently used by over 5,300 clients from 24 countries worldwide. Now they are also available in Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

1uCT ATLAS is not yet CE-marked for distribution in the EU; however, its launch in this region is expected in 2021.

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