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United Imaging Makes MEA Market Debut at Arab Health 2020, Company announces strategic partnership with local healthcare pioneer

United Imaging, a global leader in advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, made its official launch in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region at Arab Health 2020, Jan. 27-30.

United Imaging signs strategic partnership with local medical pioneer.

Under the strategic partnership agreements, United Imaging’s High-performance PET/CT uMI 780 will be deployed at American Hospital Dubai. More installations and extensive cooperation on clinical and scientific research are already well underway.

“The Middle East and Africa region is a robust and fast-growing market with an ever-expanding medical demand. We are pleased and honored to make our debut at Arab Health this year. We are officially open for business in the MEA region,” said James Xia, co-president of United Imaging.



Address by James Xia, co-president of United Imaging


He added, “United Imaging’s goal is to provide premium products and services for customers around the globe. In order to better serve the MEA region, we have established a regional headquarters in Dubai with an experienced marketing and customer service team, which will provide customer-centric services to address the specific needs of customers in this region. United Imaging devices have already been installed at several top hospitals in Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco and South Africa.”


United Imaging enters into a comprehensive strategic partnership with American Hospital Dubai. Buti Al Mulla, Chairman of Mohamed & Obaid Al Mulla Group and James Xia, Co-president of UIH, signed the contract on behalf of the two sides, as witnessed by the executives of both parties.


United Imaging reaches a strategic partnership with Mohamed & Obaid Al Mulla Group. Buti Al Mulla, Chairman of Mohamed & Obaid Al Mulla Group and James Xia, Co-president of UIH, signed the contract on behalf of the two sides.


Sherif Beshara, CEO of Mohamed and Obaid Al Mulla Group, said, “In line with our commitment to abide by the overarching goals set by the UAE’s foresighted leadership, we continue to partner with globally reputed companies that would assist us to improve the quality of healthcare we provide using their products and services. This partnership will make American Hospital Dubai an important clinical application reference site and help us to better serve the patients from the UAE and across the region.”

United Imaging makes its debut at Arab Health 2020

This is the first time for United Imaging to attend Arab Health. At Arab Health 2020, United Imaging brought its full portfolio of advanced medical imaging devices — PET/CT,PET/MR,MR,CT,DR, and AI products — including the world’s first Total-body PET/CT uEXPLORER and the latest 75 cm Ultra-wide Bore 3.0T MR uMR Omega, which launched at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago in December 2019.


Executives and guests present at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of United Imaging New Product Launch are: James Xia, Co-President of United Imaging;Prof. Hongdi Li, CEO of United Imaging America and CRI;Mr. Jusong Xia, Senior VP of International Business of United Imaging;Mr. Buti Al Mulla,Chairman of Mohamed & Obaid Al Mulla Group; Mr. Sherif Bashara, CEO of American Hospital Dubai; Dr.Tareq Dufan, Medical Director of American Hospital Dubai; Eng. Amer Salha, Director of technical and planning of American Hospital Dubai; Dr. Hany Sami, CEO of Al-Tahra Radiology centers;Prof. Vangu Mboyo Di Tamba, Head of Nuclear Medicine CM Johannesburg Academic and CH Bara Hospitals;Dr. Marthinus Malan, Director of De Beer De Jager Radiologists;Mr. Wouter Mouman, Executive Vice President of Healthcare, Informa Markets.










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The Total-body PET/CT uEXPLORER


The Total-body PET/CT uEXPLORER is a revolutionary molecular imaging product that extends the axial FOV from about 20-30 centimeters to nearly 2 meters, and accomplishes total-body imaging in a single bed position in as little as 20 to 30 seconds. It also allows for fast and continuous tracking of tracer distribution in blood vessels, organs, and tissues throughout the body. With these cutting-edge capabilities, the uEXPLORER opens new research opportunities that have not been possible with traditional PET/CT technology. The uEXPLORER has been deployed at the newly established EXPLORER Molecular Imaging Center at University of California, Davis, in the U.S. and Zhongshan Hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai, China.



uMR Omega


The newly launched uMR Omega is the world’s first ultra-wide 75-cm bore 3.0T MR, the widest bore in the market, which leads the industry on improving the MR experience. The increased bore size, imaging FOV, and table capacity help better serve broad-shouldered, bariatric, and pregnant patients. As the additional space give patients a first-class experience, the calming light environment also helps reduce anxiety for patients in the enclosed space during a medical exam. In addition, the widest bore size will provide superior positioning convenience for off-center scans such as shoulder, hip, knee, and breast examinations, fully meeting all kinds of clinical needs.





uCS 3.0T MR


Digital PET/CT


1.5T MR Equipped with uCS (united Compressed Sensing)


High Precision Cardiac CT


Intelligent Low Dose CT


Automated Wireless U-Arm


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