uMC 560i | Low Dose Mobile C-arm

Every photon counts.

uMC 560i sets the new standard for high-resolution imaging at 2MP, but with lower dose. Exquisite details and high versatility are provided for diagnostic and surgical procedures.

uMC 560i

    Visualize Exquisite Details with uReal Image Chain

    uMC 560i

    Higher Resolution with Lower Dose

    Free from Distortion

    Superb Dynamic Imaging

    Enhanced Imaging Workflow with uFree Technology

    Enhanced Imaging Workflow with uFree Technology

    • uFree Protocol Selection Static

      Dynamic imaging mode selection provides the appropriate parameters for different organ to obtain the optimized images.

    • uFree Dose Management

      uFree Dose Management combines automatic object detection and automatic metal correction. Automatic object detection helps deliver consistent image quality regardless of the patient position. Automatic metal correction decreases metal artifact on the image and avoids unnecessary high dose exposure.

    uFree Dose Management
    uFree Position Memory
    • uFree Position Memory

      uFree Position Memory function keeps the positioning parameters, and provides instructions for repositioning in real-time, greatly improving the operation efficiency.

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