uDR 370i | Mobile X-Ray System

Smart and Versatile

The uDR 370i offers high versatility in mobile DR that is capable of escalating superb digital X-ray imaging to bedside radiography with simplified and efficient workflow.

uDR 370i

    Innovative Application

    • Remote Exposure and Visualization

      Remote Exposure and Visualization*

      The unique long range wireless remote exposure & visualization feature allows real-time patient monitoring and image preview remotely. As a result, it optimizes patient care and clinical service quality.


    • Dual Power Supplied Control System

      Dual Power Supplied Control System

      Two independent compact large capacity batteries are embedded for optimum system operation. Fully charged batteries enable the cart to travel 20 km continuously while supporting 250 exposures or more.

    • Large Working Area Coverage

      Large Working Area Coverage

      With only single button interaction, it will enable five-axis simultaneous movement which capable of covering large working area.

    Easy and Efficient Operation

    Easy and Efficient Operation

    • Electric Power Assisted Steering

      Easy maneuverability for all users thanks to its fully electric power assisted steering.

    • Simplified Bedside Operation and Handling

      Single-button interacted bedside operation allows precise and versatile 360 degree X-ray tube positioning for all corresponded clinical challenges.

    • Compact Design

      With only 58cm ultra-narrow body width, maneuverability throughout narrow spaces is greatly enhanced for higher flexibility on bedside positioning.

    HD Images

    • Ultra-light Wired Flat Panel Detector

      Ultra-light Wired Flat Panel Detector

      It offers industry smallest (125μm) pixels to deliver best possible image quality for optimum clinical diagnosis.

    • X-ray Tube and High Voltage Generator

      X-ray Tube and High Voltage Generator

      The powerful 32kW high voltage generator and high anode heat capacity ensures broad coverage of imaging demands and maintains sharp image quality.

    • State-of-the-art Image Processing Techniques

      State-of-the-art Image Processing Techniques

      Advanced post-processing algorithm improves patient dose reduction while enhancing image quality for better clinical diagnosis.

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