uDR 780i | Ceiling Mounted DR

Exquisite. Versatility.

The uDR 780i uses United Imaging's
innovative, wireless, flat-panel detector design
and provides ultra-high resolution in general
radiography for daily clinical application.

uDR 780i

    All-In Configuration

    • Large-Coverage, Wireless, HD Flat-Panel Detector

      Large-Coverage, Wireless, HD Flat-Panel Detector

      The large, 17" x 17" 11.3 MP flat-panel detector accommodates a wide range of patient coverage and positioning requirements. It's built for durability to withstand the demands of any private practice or hospital department.

    • Automatic Light Field Collimator

      Automatic Light Field Collimator

      Automatic light field collimator provides rapid and precise irradiation field setup before each exposure, reducing unnecessary radiation dose to the patient.

    • Automatic Stitching Technology

      Automatic Stitching Technology

      Automatic smart stitching technology offers high-quality panoramic imaging to help improve clinical diagnosis in orthopedic imaging by automatically stitching multiple image projections into a single comprehensive image.

    • Automatic Measurement Technology

      Automatic Measurement Technology

      This unique feature is capable of assisting in the preoperative and postoperative evaluation of the corresponding orthopedic surgical procedures.

    Excellent Image Quality

    • Cesium iodide (CsI) based detector offers high detective quantum efficiency (DQE) and spatial resolution.

      Detector pixel size 125 μm
      Spatial resolution 4 lp/mm
    • Excellent image quality shows high resolution of bone trabeculae and good contrast of soft tissue.

    Designed for Versatility

    • Boost Exam and Operator Efficiency

      Boost Exam and Operator Efficiency

      Users can automatically position the system with one simple click to prepare the next view in the radiography protocol.

    • Easy-to-Use Auto or Manual

      Easy-to-Use Auto or Manual

      The advanced electro-mechanical motor-driven system enables both automatic and manual operation. Built-in movement assistance and safeguard functionalities ensure operator efficiency and patient safety.

    • Height-Adjustable Floating Table

      Height-Adjustable Floating Table

      The mechanical height adjustment allows the table to accommodate all patients from pediatrics to the elderly and immobile trauma patients.

    • Advanced and Intuitive LCD Touchscreen

      Advanced and Intuitive LCD Touchscreen

      An elegant user interface displays both exam protocol parameters and patient information to help ensure patient exam quality.

    • Versatile and Powerful System

      Versatile and Powerful System

      The uDR 780i is a versatile system that is easy to move and position, delivering a great user experience. The powerful system is fully configured to meet the volume demands of your imaging department.

    • Wireless HD Detector Design

      Wireless HD Detector Design

      Cable-free detector handling facilitates positioning with wheelchairs, gurneys, and special positions. A built-in supercapacitor helps avoid frequent battery replacement, while in-Bucky charging helps ensure consistent detector performance. The easy-glide feature protects the detector when inserting it into the Bucky. 

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