uMammo 590i
HD Mammography

The uMammo 590i pairs low-dose, high resolution imaging with a seamless mammography workflow. Get accurate mammography results for better women's health management.

uMammo 590i

    Seamless Workflow

    • One-touch Rapid Positioning

      Rapid Positioning

      The user friendly, single-touch operation enables fast and efficient positioning. Multiple positioning modes are available for all use cases including symmetrical, vertical height movement and more.

    • Smart Compression System

      Compression System

      A UIH innovation, the Smart Compression System offers automatic compression pressure adjustment. Compression pressure is adjusted according to the breast and mammary gland density, ensuring optimal image quality and patient comfort.

    • Smart Positioning Indicator

      Positioning Indicator

      Intuitive positioning guides for a streamlined setup process.

    High Resolution Imaging with Minimal Dose

    • Next-generation Low-dose Flat Panel Detector

      Next-generation Low-dose Flat Panel Detector

      The large coverage amorphous-selenium (a-Se) flat panel detector features higher detective quantum efficiency (DQE), faster image acquisition speed, optimized acquisition matrix and better spatial resolution, providing crystal clear visualization of highly-detailed tissue structures.

    • Exceptional Care, Exquisite Experience

      Exceptional Care,
      Exquisite Experience

      “Passion for Change” is the fundamental principle embedded across all United Imaging Healthcare products. Healthcare costs are growing drastically worldwide and we are at the forefront of facilitating change. Our goal is to democratize access to innovative, world-class medical equipment and healthcare on a global scale.

    Passion For Change

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