uMammo 890i
Low Dose 3D Mammography System

uMammo 890i mammography system, equipped with CMOS 3D imaging platform and intelligent U-View 2D mammography technology, allows excellent visualization of fine details with low dose. uMammo 890i offers meticulous care in women's health.

uMammo 890i

    CMOS 3D Imaging Platform

    uMammo 890i

    CMOS 3D Imaging

    Reduce the confounding effects of superimposed parenchyma, improve cancer detection and reduce recall rates. Display structures at different depth and help localizing lesion in the breast. Improve the visibility of lesions and its involved margin significantly.

    CMOS Detector

    49.5 μm detector pixel size - enhancing the ability of identifying micro lesion. High SNR and high DQE - reducing radiation dose without compromising image quality. High electronic transmission efficiency - absence of image lag and other artifacts.

    uMulti Narrow/wide-angled Tomosynthesis

    Narrow angle 15° - enabling quick screening mode.
    Wide angle 40° - enabling detailed diagnosis mode. Flexible DBT modes match multiple clinical applications and requirements.

    U-View 2D Mammography

    uMammo 890i

    U-View 2D Technology

    U-View drives the low-dose breast tomosynthesis with intelligent reconstruction algorithm. Similar performance to FFDM 2D + Tomosynthesis. Elimination of the FFDM acquisition and radiation dose. Reduction of the compression time and improvement of patient comfort.

    Intelligent Low Dose Control Program

    The AEC (Automatic Exposure Control) exposure mode can select exposure parameters based on radiological properties of the breast automatically. The tungsten/silver and tungsten/rhodium anode and filter combinations reduce radiation dose while maintaining the excellent image quality.

    Breast Imaging Workstation *

    uMammo 890i

    2D & 3D Breast Image processing

    Multiple hanging protocol & Comprehensive tools make digital mammography review more flexible and simplified.

    Smart and User-friendly Keypad

    Uniquely designed keypad enables high efficiency in reviewing and manipulating the images.

    Web-based Configuration

    Breast image workstation provides shared database and instant access to images from any workstation. Creates, reviews and archives annotations from any workstation

    * CE pending

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